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How does Reverse Phone Lookup work?

reverse-phone-1There is a chance you have never heard about Reverse Phone Lookup, but there is also a big chance that you have needed it at least once in your life. Maybe you missed a call, and your caller ID tells you’re the name and phone number of the person, but you have no idea where that area code is. Was it someone dialing the wrong number or was it a genuine missed call? Maybe you found a piece of paper with a phone number, and you can’t remember whose number that is. Or maybe you have someone’s name and number, and you need the address. Those are very common situations, and the reverse phone lookup can help you with all of them.

Before the internet, some cities did have the so-called white pages, which were the beginning of reverse phone lookups. The problem with those white page lists is that only listed numbers were available, mostly from companies. Therefore, it would be hard to find information about a person or someone with an unlisted fax number, for example. When the internet came, it made white listings much easier. There are several different online reverse phone lookup services, most of them with a wider range than the old white pages had. Using internet reverse phone lookup services, not only you can find someone’s name by typing in their phone number, but you also can get their address and even a map of where they are located. Usually, reverse phone lookup services for landlines is free.

It is a whole different story when we talk about cell phones, as they work in a completely different way. And the problem is that most people own cell phones nowadays, and a lot of people have even abandoned their landlines. The reverse cell phone lookup is easy to use, but usually it is not free. However, the costs aren’t too high. Most services ask either for a one time fee where you can look up as many numbers as you’d like in one session, or an annual fee for unlimited use during that time. Usually the available information about each number covers the owner’s name and address, as well as VoIP ( voice over Internet Protocol) services, unlisted numbers and even business numbers for that person. In a way, it’s as much information as you can get about someone.

reverse-phone-2Reverse phone lookup directories are so easy to use they are available all over the world. Got a call with a country ID you can’t identify? Don’t worry, as there are listings for countries all over the world. These listings also offer more information about a number than regular Caller ID services. Some people view it as an invasion of privacy, but what they don’t realize is that having the option of doing a reverse phone search can actually protect you from things like constant prank calls or missing important information because you missed a call from an unknown number. The reverse phone lookup is both quick and easy to use.

Step-by-Step to tutorial for a Revers Phone Lookup

reverse-phone-5Have you ever been in a situation when you missed a phone call from someone, but when you looked at the number, you have no idea who it is. Or you want to get in contact with an old friend and only have his phone number, but no current address. If this is the case, you can use reverse phone lookup.

Reverse phone lookup is easy to use and is quite simple. This service can be completely free or you are required to pay a small fee (usually monthly). The difference between these two is in the amount of information you can get as well as the type of phone number you are looking into. Free reverse phone lookup service will only work for registered landline phone. It’s really nothing you can’t do by yourself with a little help from search engines or taking a look through the white pages. Paid service, on the other hand, can provide information about phone numbers that are unregistered in the public databases like cellular phones. For this kind of information, the reverse phone lookup company needs to pay a fee itself, so by charging you one, they make sure that their expenses are covered.

This service can be a little confusing for those that are using it for the first time, so I’ve summed the whole process into 5 steps that you can follow:

1. To even start, you need access to the Internet, of course. What type Internet connection and from what device, it does not matter. Of course, the faster the connection, the quicker you will get the results.

2. Access the website of one of the various reverse phone lookup companies that offer this service. You, of course, shouldn’t use the very first you find, but research a little and find which one of these provide the best services. One particularly good way to find this out is to read some of the reviews you can find on the Web.

reverse-phone-63. Once you’ve picked a good reverse phone lookup service provider, you need to register with them. The process of registration is quick and you just need to provide some information, like your name, address, phone number (landline or mobile) and some other information. After just a few minutes, you can use their services.

4. If you have opted for a paid RPL service, you can pay with a credit card or through a Paypal. Most RPL providers charge about 80% for their service.

5. Finally, enter the phone number you need information about, click on the search button and in just a few moments you will get the name, address, e-mail and other information on the screen.

Like you can see, reverse phone lookup services are easy to use and you no longer need to worry your head over who called you when you were away and why. You also don’t have to worry if the service is legal or not, because it is.

How to find a cell phone number using reverse lookup?

reverse-phone-3Finding a cell phone number using reverse phone lookup is probably the most difficult thing that you can do with this kind of service. Cellular phones numbers differ greatly from landline numbers by the fact that the later are usually listed in the white pages or phone books and the cell phone numbers are not and that makes them a lot more difficult to track.

What you will need in this situation is help from one of the reverse phone lookup service providers that specialize in obtaining information about cellular phone numbers and their owners. What these companies do is that they first purchase access to subscriber databases of several different mobile operators. They then combine a number of different types of information that they got and are able to provide their clients a search through some of the large databases that contain landline phone numbers, cellular phone numbers as well as unlisted numbers.

You will probably be able to find a landline number if you check the whitepages, or use a search engine, such as Yahoo or Google, or simply check the phone book. You can do any of these for free, but if you are looking for a cell phone number, that kind of search will yield no results. This is because this kind of information is not publicly available.

For the reasons of privacy, reverse phone lookup services have an agreement with the phone companies that states that they are strictly prohibited from providing free phone lookup services, so you will need a Paypal account or a credit card in order to sign up and use their services.There are two main reasons for this. First, this ensures that reverse phone lookup can’t be used for stalking or any other illegal activities. Second, phone companies charge access to their databases, so reverse phone lookup firms make sure this way that they are not losing money.

reverse-phone-4Using a reverse phone lookup service is really easy. All you have to do is enter the landline phone (or cell phone, depending on what you are searching for) number in the online form and you will get some of the following information: the precise location where the phone is registered, whether it is cellular or landline, and any additional information about the number. These information you can get for free. However, if you want to know the name of the owner of that phone number, you will have to buy access to that service. Again, this is used to thwart any illegal activities, like stalking.

Finally, I know that this may all sound a little illegal and it can be if you use it for any illegal activities or for telemarketing purposes, but if you just want to find an old friend and catch up with him, reverse phone lookup services are a perfect way to do so and now you can even find a cellular phone number you are looking for for just a small fee.


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